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We continue our spinoff of a spinoff of a podcast this week and talk Saturday night live for the first 10 minutes. Specifically our favorite 3 cast members and some of their skits.

On this week's continuation of the endo series we discuss access:

  • Kevin likes long shanks, and let's be fair who doesn't.
  • Both of the guys like round burs
  • If you haven't studied any modern access techniques and you graduated in the 00's or earlier it would probably benefit you to revisit best practices for rotary or reciprocating files.
  • Both of the guys like endo explorers.
  • ZAM likes ultrasonics for troughing difficult to find canals, just like the fancy euros on YouTube.
  • Great endo youtube Channel - John Rhodes
  • When do you punt a case if you can't find the canals?
  • What do you do when things go awry?
  • What are some real batting averages for finding MB2?

Next week we finally get into filing and irrigating this tooth!

See ya!

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