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HOUSEKEEPING:  We released the Thanksgiving episode to some users last week. If you heard an opening bit about Thanksgiving last week then you've heard this show. Go back and re-download last week's show and you'll hear about root canal rotary files and video games. Sorry, the management.

It's almost over.  We just have to obturate. Is there a dirtier word in dentistry than obturate? Do you need special consent to obturate someone? Did I overdo it and say obturate too many times?  Oops... I did it again. Sincerely, Britney P.S. (would obturate)

Highlights include:

  • We discuss drying the canal and what happens if it doesn't get dry?
  • 1 step or 2 step?
  • What sealer do we use?   Kevin got fancy and went to BC sealer, but Zach is old school with Kerr Tubliseal
  • Do we use heated gutta percha?  Guttacore?   Cold GP?   Single cone?
  • How do we sear the gutta percha?  Touch and Heat?  EBay heated instrument?
  • Do we bond in cores same day?   Spoiler Alert:  You bet.
  • Do we write any prescriptions afterwards?  Antibiotic hot takes?   Pain meds?

Next week is the final endo episode on complications and procedural mistakes.

Happy Thanksgiving from Kevin and Zach and thanks for listening.

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