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We kick off the episode by answering a REDDIT! from Lance in the way that they do on his podcast with Josh Austin called Working Interfences.    Did we do it justice?   Probably not.

Did you know Zach's Chiefs play Kevin's Browns this weekend?   Will they be on speaking terms after this weekend?  Whose side are you on?

We get into some fancy numbing technologies when we get around to talking clinical.     Lance uses the Wand.   It's really evident that Zach has never seen the Wand and didn't bother googling anything about the Wand prior to the show based on some of the odd questions.   My bad listeners.

Then we discuss Anutra.. kind of... none of the guests here use it, so we kind of speculated.. and Zach comes in hot with his DIY buffering method

We also talk topical anesthetics.. and some other anesthetic stuff.

Is any of this necessary?   Who knows.   Enjoy the listen,  check out the Clinical Hacks FB group and we'll catch you next week.

See ya!

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