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Dr. Jeni Perna is one of those people that likes systems in dental offices. She's an amazing Instagram follow and the office manuals she has created cover all kinds of systems. They're available here and you should definitely check them out! They are VALUE priced! We also talk a little bit about the phenomenon of ethical sales for people who have Instagram influence. It's a thing and Al has a little problem with buying stuff he finds advertised on Insta!

Get Jeni's Manuals!

Birddogs Pants (highly recommended)

Sttoke Mug (3-ish stars)

Brave New Look KN95 masks (would not recommend)

So what’s the solution for simple, consistent zirconia polishing in the mouth? Our friends at Microcopy Dental get it. They’ve created a line of intra oral, single patient use zirconia polishers that are just right. Their simple two-step zirconia polishing system comes in cups or points. It’s easy to use and fits into any workflow. Single patient use means you’ve always got a fresh polisher and there’s no risk of cross contamination. If you want to up your zirconia polishing game you need to check them out at!


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