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Memorie Valentine RDH joins Alan to talk about prevention. Specifically, how well does our profession do with helping patients do a good job at home? Does dentistry do a good enough job with this? Why don't we have the "oral hygiene instruction" room in every dental office? Why do we clean teeth/do oral hygiene instruction every 6 months instead of a short OHI visit every couple months? Al and Memorie think we can do better! What do you think? Let us know via email at or tell us in the Dental Hacks Nation Facebook group!

So what’s the solution for simple, consistent zirconia polishing in the mouth? Our friends at Microcopy Dental get it. They’ve created a line of intra oral, single patient use zirconia polishers that are just right. Their simple two-step zirconia polishing system comes in cups or points. It’s easy to use and fits into any workflow. Single patient use means you’ve always got a fresh polisher and there’s no risk of cross contamination. If you want to up your zirconia polishing game you need to check them out at!



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