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Dr. Shawn Van de Vyver joins Alan again to talk about all things digital! How does a software upgrade make a camera better? What's the best way to get into digital workflow? Chairside "same day" crows are still owned by CEREC, but if you aren't milling, Shawn thinks the Medit makes a ton of sense! How is Shawn using his Amazon Alexa (Echo) to make his office work better? Shawn's single unit zirconia is $7! Who should be milling? Who shouldn't be?

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So what’s the solution for simple, consistent zirconia polishing in the mouth? Our friends at Microcopy Dental get it. They’ve created a line of intra oral, single patient use zirconia polishers that are just right. Their simple two-step zirconia polishing system comes in cups or points. It’s easy to use and fits into any workflow. Single patient use means you’ve always got a fresh polisher and there’s no risk of cross contamination. If you want to up your zirconia polishing game you need to check them out at!



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