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Dr. Bart Schultz joins Al to talk about medicine. Specifically some of the medical stuff that we've experienced in the last year and why they don't talk about money in medicine. We didn't figure out why. All we know is that dentistry could never get away with what they do in medicine. What we really wonder: can a patient give their informed consent without complete financial consent?

So what’s the solution for simple, consistent zirconia polishing in the mouth? Our friends at Microcopy Dental get it. They’ve created a line of intra oral, single patient use zirconia polishers that are just right. Their simple two-step zirconia polishing system comes in cups or points. It’s easy to use and fits into any workflow. Single patient use means you’ve always got a fresh polisher and there’s no risk of cross contamination. If you want to up your zirconia polishing game you need to check them out at!

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