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Dr. Mark Whitefield joins Alan for a rousing discussion of how implants can change everything for the general dentist. Mark is a fourth generation dentist from Nashville who admits to being obsessed with dental implants!

  • Mark talks about being accredited in both the AACD and AAID and how that's made him a better dentist.
  • Mark graduated in the mid 90's during the big cosmetic boom but switched his focus to dental implants in the early 2000's.
  • What I noticed about Mark is that his mindset is that dental implants can be for anyone. Not just high end/wealthy patients.
  • Mark hates removable! He tries to get edentulous patients back to TRUE FIXED! (particularly in the mandible)
  • Cost effective fixed implant restorations are within reach! 
  • What keeps dentists from getting into implants?
  • Keeping implants in house
  • Can a person who fears surgery become a surgeon?
  • Young dentists aren't afraid of anything and they have a ton of debt!
  • Removing barriers to implant treatment
  • Mark explains that dental benefits actually cover a lot of implant services
  • The solution for implant education is mentorship!

Some links from the show:

Mark's practice

Mark's implant marketing service, Implant Evolution

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