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Al had the pleasure of speaking with Dr. Erin Elliott at the Greater New York dental meeting! It will come as no surprise to anyone that this wide ranging conversation was a blast!

  • Al had veneers. Probably about 30 years ago. Who knew?
  • What % of people have crowding vs. excess of space? Why?
  • Are people more allergic now than they used to be? (spoiler: roll your kids in dirt)
  • Who's got team drama?
  • Erin grew up in CA but considers herself an Idahoan!
  • Detroit Metro airport is the best airport. Al will fight you if you disagree.
  • Erin stays away from home for a long time. And gets to write it off.
  • Erin on emergency dentistry (she's got this figured out)
  • Medical people GNF. Erin on giving patients money back.
  • "Painless" dentistry is BS. Be direct with patients about their needs.
  • Erin on implants! (spoiler: She's a fan of 3D Dentists AND Implant Pathway!)
  • In person teaching >>> Zoom teaching
  • If you go to meetings (ahem...VoD) then support the vendors!
  • Erin is coming to Voices of Dentistry! There is NO SUBSTITUTE for dental meetings!
  • Eliminating excuses about photography by having SD card readers in each room!

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