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The Voices of Dentistry brought Kevin and Zach together in person and THEY GOT IT DONE! 

The plan was to talk with LOTS of different clinicans and get their answers to a standardized group of questions. It's brilliant and funny and you're going to LOVE what they have in store for you over the next few months! 

Today they give you the questions and give you their very own answers! 

The questions:

  • How did COVID affect your practice?
  • You have to have a crown on #2...what material do you choose?
  • Did you/would you place sealant on your own children?
  • Your significant other needs ortho...wires/brackets or aligners?
  • If your own #29 needed endo/core and crown/crown lengthening, would you do it or go right to an implant?
  • If your significant other had a slight diastema between 8 and 9 would you suggest ortho, resin or porcelain?

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