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A very slap happy Al is joined by Tom Brown and Joe Chickerillo of "Your Virtual Consult!" Your Virtual Consult was one of the sponsors of January's Voices of Dentistry. This conversation was nothing short of fascinating because Al has always been underwhelmed by "teledentistry." This isn't teledentistry, this is SO MUCH BETTER! The guys discussed:

  • What is teledentistry and why does it suck?
  • How could you use "Your Virtual Consult" to increase case acceptance?
  • They discuss the ingenious process that they're using to help patients get comfortable with YOUR office!
  • How can you use "Your Virtual Consult" make it so you don't ever have to have phone calls or Zoom calls ever again.
  • Al prefers texting. Al prefers the automated checkout. Al wants to be left alone.
  • How can you use "Your Virtual Consult"  like a giant set of headphones to make the world leave you alone, but actually makes you seem caring and inviting?
  • How can you use "Your Virtual Consult" to help you find the patients that fit your office well?
  • You're going to hear that Al is really excited about Your Virtual Consult because he is. 

You need to have a demo. Al watched it at VoD and is convinced! Go to the Very Dental Facebook group (password: Timmerman or Hornbrook) and get all Your Virtual Consult questions answered by Tom and Joe themselves! Or call (858) 939-9338!

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