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Jason Smithson joins Alan again to discuss his new gig with Spear, dental philosophies and whether we should teach to the median dentist or the exceptional ones!

  • Jason talks about teaching "Exellence in Composite Restorations" at Spear Education in Scottsdale, AZ!
  • Spear Summit 2022 is coming September 15-17th!
    • Jason's course: "Nature's Chaos in Balance"
  • Minimally invasive/biomimetic philosophy vs. "terminal dentition" style philosophies and "living in the middle."
  • How can our training limit our treatment options?
  • How often are you offering a gold onlay?
  • Jason's experience with milled gold!
  • The bell curve of dentists...should we be teaching to the median skill set?
  • We should be simplifying instead of complicating.
  • Placing composite in increments is complicated and difficult in the BEST of circumstances.
  • Smithson on fiber reinforcement
  • Simplifying the layering steps allows for more time in finishing and polishing!
  • Jason wants a butt joint margin vs. a beveled margin!

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