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Dental practice management software. Usually it's not the kind of thing that people get passionate about. Maybe you chose one back in 1998 and have just stuck with it because the fear of change was greater than the frustration of the status quo. Maybe you inherited your software from the previous owner of your practice. No matter how you ended up with your current software, you really should think about how well it's serving you.

Today Alan is joined by Dr. Rania Saleh, the inventor/creator of Oryx Dental Software. Oryx is a smart and intuitive cloud based practice management software that was built around concepts taught by Dr. John Kois and the Kois Center. Rania invited two current users of Oryx, Dr. Meredith Gantos and Dr. Ashish Patel to talk about their experience using Oryx and why they chose Oryx in the first place.

Some of the topics that the group covered were:

  • How did you choose Oryx and what helped you make that decision?
  • What was switching to Oryx like?
  • What hardware do you use with Oryx?
  • How does Oryx handling imaging?
  • What are your favorite features?
  • What would you tell someone who is interested but is stuck on the idea of change?

Cloud software is the future of dental practice management software and these folks are pretty excited to talk about Oryx!

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