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"You're either going to join an Invisible DSO or you're going to compete with many. I promise."

Chip Fichtner, Large Practice Sales

Alan is joined again by Chip Fichtner of Large Practice Sales to dive a little deeper into Invisible DSOs. Chip starts with a story of a large practice owner who almost "took the first offer" who was leaving money on the table. Some of our topics included:

  • Large Practice Sales' "black list"
  • IDSO strategies worth looking at
  • What are dentists really expert in? How about accountants and lawyers? LPS is expert in making deals with IDSOs
  • What is a "platform practice?"
  • What are IDSOs looking for? 
  • Where do the multiples come in?
  • Age is a big issue. So is growth rate
  • What are the "hot states?" (flyover states in play!)
  • IDSOs and Artificial Intelligence

Does an invisible DSO sound like something that would be a good fit for you?  Get in touch with Chip at Large Practice Sales!


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