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Last episode, Dr. Rob Ritter explained what it's like to be a speaker on the dental CE circuit. This episode we get down to business. We discuss his DIY website for his speaking business and how almost anyone can have an amazing web presence for next to no money. Take digital photos and show the world what you're doing for almost next to free. Then we talk about who dentistry has transitioned into an almost completely digital experience. He discusses digital impression scanners in depth (he's tried all of them) and gives his recommendation as well as what we should be looking for in the near future. Rob is a font of knowledge on materials and techniques and we've only just scratched the surface! Look for him to be a guest again!

Then we pick up where we left off with the Brain Trust's marketing round table. What are the keys to having a successful direct mail campaign? Can Facebook marketing work for dentists? How about TV and radio? Magazines? The Brain Trust weighs in on all of this. Join previous DentalHacks interview guests Dr. Lance Timmerman and Dr. Ryan McCall as well as Brain Trust regulars Dr. Matt Standridge, Dr. Matt Garrison and Dr. Melissa Zettler as they continue discussing what works and what doesn't in dental marketing!

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This week, the DentalHacks podcast features Dr. Rob Ritter. Rob is a dentist in Jupiter, FL that focuses primarily on cosmetic dentistry. He's got a lot to share on both clinical and practice management issues, but today's episode went off on an interesting tangent. Rob has been speaking to dental groups for quite some time and at one time was doing 40 or more presentations per year! So we talked to him about how get got started being a featured CE speaker, what he loves about it and what he doesn't love so much about it. Anyone who's ever thought they'd like to get into speaking to dentists will find this interview very enlightening!

Also in episode 21 the Brain Trust turns their incredible intellect and experience toward dental marketing. We welcome back our first two interviewees, Dr. Lance Timmerman and Dr. Ryan McCall as well as Brain Trust regulars Dr. Matt Standridge, Dr. Matt Garrison and Dr. Melissa Zettler! Have you ever wondered what marketing works the best? How important is your location and sign? How can you track the ROI of any given marketing? Should you try direct mail? These guys have tried it all! The good, the bad and the ugly. And they might just save you from an expensive marketing mistake! DO NOT MISS THIS EPISODE!


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This week's show picks up with the second half of our interview with Kevin Henry. Kevin is the Group Content and Editorial Director at Advanstar Communications. Kevin spends some time talking about dental publishing, its history and its future. For instance, he thinks that there will always be a place for print (magazines) as most people won't take their iPad in the bathtub. We talk a little bit about how selling to dentists has changed and also how an aspiring dental writer could have their writing published. Finally, Kevin weighs in on who's up and coming in the dental education world. Another DentalHacks interview not to be missed!

In today's Brain Trust segment we continue talking about the question: "if you could only do one procedure for the rest or your career, what would it be?" They talk about new patients and delivering bad news along with the near universal love of immediate dentures. Then the Brain Trust moves in a different direction. If you could choose a procedure to NEVER do again, what would it be? You can get to know Dr. Matt Garrison in today's episode along with veteran Brain Trust members Dr. Dawn Kulongowski, Dr. Tammy Bailey and Dr. Tiffany Lee for another legendary segment!

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This week's interview features Kevin Henry. Kevin is the Group Content and Editorial Director at Advanstar Communications. What that means is he's involved (and has been involved) with the production of online content as well as dental magazine publishing. Have you heard of "Dental Products Report?" Yeah...that's him! In today's episode Kevin shares what he's learned about dental teams. And it's a lot! We talk about dental office managers and what they can do for your practice as well as finding the best training for dental teams!

In today's Brain Trust segment we're asked the question: "if you could only do one procedure for the rest or your career, what would it be?" The answers from our Brain Trust are enlightening and hilarious! We get down to the nuts and bolts of extractions and direct composite restorations. This is "can't miss" content for anyone who takes teeth out or places composites! We introduce a new member, Dr. Matt Garrison, in today's episode as well. Matt joins veterans Dr. Dawn Kulongowski, Dr. Tammy Bailey and Dr. Tiffany Lee for an entertaining and informative segment.


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Do you need to have a 3D scan to place implants? Dr. Armen Mirzayan says, "yes!" Armen feels so strongly about this that he started CAD-Ray to help make it really easy for dentists and their patients to take advantage of 3D scanning and guided implant surgeries. This interview is so full of information, you'll probably want to listen to it twice!

In this episode of the DentalHacks podcast the Brain Trust discusses "red flags." You know those signals that patients give you that let you know there might be trouble with them in the future. This topic got a REALLY passionate response on Facebook and it turned out hilarious and insightful! Jason and Alan joined Dr. Frank Clayton and newcomer to the Brain Trust Dr. Melissa Zettler in this enlightening discussion!

Thanks again to our listeners! If you like the show we'd appreciate it if you tell a friend and leave us a rating and review on iTunes!

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What’s the deal with bulk filled composite materials? Are they ready for prime time? Dr. Robert Lowe is a fan and has used and evaluated them all! How do they work? Why can you bulk fill with them? Dr. Lowe makes sense of this up and coming material type and helps you choose which ones work.

The DentalHacks Brain Trust continue their discussion about the worst and best purchases that they’ve bought over the years. This episode spends a little more time talking about what they’re glad they bought! Check out this week’s Brain Trust panel: Dr. Thom Caspers of Seattle, WA, Dr. Tiffany Lee of Torrance, CA, Dr. Dawn Kulongowski of Holly, MI, Dr. Matthew Standridge (aka: Bear Cream) of Eureka, KS and Dr. Tammy Bailey of Wausau, WI.

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In today's episode, Dr. Mike DiTolla sits down with the DentalHacks to talk about impressions, materials and being an average dentist. Dr. DiTolla practices within Glidewell Laboratories, the largest dental lab in the United States. He is the Director of Clinical Research and Education at Glidewell and this gives him a unique perspective. Mike is one of the most entertaining presenters in dentistry, and in part one of his interview with the DentalHacks, he doesn't disappoint!

The DentalHacks Brain Trust discussion for episode 13 focuses on what mistakes we made in dental school and what we may have done differently. If you know a dental student or a prospective dental student...they need to listen to episode 13!  We introduce a new member of the Brain Trust in episode 13: Dr. Thom Caspers of Seattle, WA. Returning members of the Brain Trust are Dr. Frank Clayton of Suwanne, GA, Dr. Brent Young of Shelby, NC and Dr. Tiffany Lee of Torrance, CA.

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Dr. Tarun Agarwal isn't your typical dentist. In episode 11 of the DentalHacks podcast, you're going to hear why. The creator of  the 3D Dentists learning center, in Raleigh, North Carolina, tells the story of his beginnings and how he became a leading dental educator. Tarun is funny and easy to listen to as he tells some amazing stories of how he got to be the clinician and teacher that he is today.

The DentalHacks Brain Trust discussion for episode 11 was inspired by a listener's question. We all have our typical daily routines, but since we live in our own little bubble, the listener wondered what everyone else was doing. This premise sparked the best BrainTrust discussion so far! You'll hear Jason and Alan hilariously delve into the topic with Brain Trust regulars Dr. Tammy Bailey, Dr. Dawn Kulongowski and Dr. Frank Clayton. Do not miss this!

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In episode 9 of the DentalHacks podcast we lawyer up! We begin an interview with Dr. Doug Wolff who is a dentist in Minnesota's Twin Cities as well as an attorney! Doug shares a little bit about his educational and business journey and answers some frequently asked questions about dentistry and its legal implications. How well does that consent for you use hold up? What are the most common malpractice lawsuits? Doug answers these questions and more in an interesting interview.

This week’s Brain Trust segment features Dr. Tammy Bailey of Wausau, WI, Dr. Dawn Kulongowski of Holly, MI and Dr. Matt Standridge of Eureka, KS. The Brain Trust tackles the tricky subject of how to handle a new patient's dental work that appears to have been done poorly. The Brain Trust sorts through how to help your patient as well as the pitfalls of "dental tourism" and taking the patient at their word. This is a Brain Trust panel not to be missed! 

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The DentalHacks Podcast episode 07: Rich Rosenblatt on CEREC, digital imaging and the dongle

Episode 7 of the DentalHacks podcast features the return of co-host Jason Lipscomb from his vacation as well as guest host Frank Clayton!

We interview Dr. Rich Rosenblatt about all things CEREC! Rich teaches for Sirona, Cerec Doctors, Patterson and Ivoclar (to name a few), but he slowed down long enough to sit down with Frank and Alan and tell us everthing he knows about bringing the CEREC into your practice!

In the Brain Trust segment we introduce a new member, Dr. Brent Young. The Brain Trust discusses the pros and cons of Medicaid in the dental practice and how to make it work in a practice if you choose to treat Medicaid patients.

After that, the DentalHacks take a little time to read and comment on listener email.

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