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Alan is joined by an all star Brain Trust panel to discuss when you should and when you shouldn't bend over backwards to save a tooth. Or teeth. It's cringeworthy and funny. Alan is joined by endodontist Dr. Brooke Blicher, Dr. Paul Amato, Dr. Ayesha Zaruhullah and Dr. Will Wyatt!

We'll be back next week with an all new episode!

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Scott McDonald is a dental demographics rock star and he joined the Dental Hacks podcast to explain all the stuff you think you know about demographics, but probably don't.

Scott owns "Doctor Demographics" and can help you with all kinds of demographics questions and queries. Go check out his website at!

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Jason and Alan are joined by Dr. Will Wyatt, Dr. Jason Luchtefeld and Dr. Richard Weber as they answer the question that everyone is asking...what would you do?

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Join Dr. Dawn Kulongowski, Dr. David Scardella, Dr. Erin Elliott and Dr. Andy Hayes as they explore the craziest things patients have said and done in their office! This classic Brain Trust was first presented over two episodes and is now in its entirety! Enjoy! 

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Alan is joined by Dr. Bill Linger, a microscope using dentist and president of the Academy of Microscope Enhanced Dentistry!

Bill's links:

AMED annual meeting in Philadelphia (September 28-30th 2018)

Academy of Microscope Enhanced Dentistry website

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Dr. Jason Goodchild is back (after being invaded by a Jedi master) to tell Jason and Alan about some of the innovations happening at this vibrant company! This was recorded at the Chicago Midwinter at the Premier booth...we thank them for having us! Something interesting about Premier is that not only do they have a lot a products that everyone is familiar with (Triple Tray, Hemodent, etc.), they are also the manufacturer! JLips pitches the idea of the "Dental Hacks Cone of Silence," a soundproof dental mask. Coming soon?

Jason's links:

Premier Dental 

PremierAir instruments

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