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Brian Colao knows DSOs. He's an attorney that helps people create and administer DSOs. He's been a frequent guest on the Dental Hacks and he gave Jason and Alan some of his time at the recent Voices of Dentistry meeting. We went deep on the topic of DSOs and covered a lot of information:

  • What is a DSO? (spoiler: "A DSO is an entity that provides nonclinical administrative support services to a dental practice that is owned by a licensed dentist.")
  • From one practice to thousands
  • When did we start to really see DSOs take hold
  • The episode where we met Brian, "DSOs and Digital Smile Design (DHP186)"
  • Was there a DSO bubble?
  •  Denovo vs. Acquisitions
  • What to do if a DSO approaches you?
  • How do you research a DSO that might want to acquire your office?
  • Brian thinks that there is probably a DSO that could fit most any office...go to a conference
  • What are DSO deals looking like for selling dentists?
  • The facts from Brian's mouth to your ears: DSOs are at 23% market penetration in the U.S. dental market right now. He predicts that there will be 80% market penetration in 7-10 years. He feels that you should plan accordingly.
  • EBITA: "Earnings Before Interest, Taxes, and Amortization"
  • What does a DSO look like?

Some links from the show:

Dykema DSO conference (use coupon code: VOD2020 for a discount), July 15-17th at the Omni Hotel in Dallas.

Dykema's website

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