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We always enjoy talking with a fellow podcaster, so the Dental Hacks are excited to welcome Dr. Drew Byrnes to the show! Drew's podcast is called the Fee For Service Dentist Podcast and it's all about running a practice that is free from the confines of insurance! Now, that's not all unicorns and rainbows to be sure, but Drew talks about all the pros and cons of the FFS practice with a variety of guests every single week.

The other thing going on in Drew's life...he's building a new office! This is where we spend most of our time in the interview and we think it's an incredibly enlightening talk! In our interview with Drew we discuss:

  • The importance of understanding the lease when you buy a practice!
  • How important is it to work with a "dental only" design team?
  • How long will it take to build from start to finish and what, exactly does that entail?
  • Banks don't care about your feelings
  • What questions should you ask when building or renovating a space? What are the things you'll likely forget?

We'd like to thank Drew for being super honest and open about his experience and we promise to follow up with him as the process moves forward! In the mean time be sure to subscribe to the Fee For Service Dentist Podcast wherever you listen to podcasts!

Links from the show:

Our clinical hack of the week features another tip from Dr. Brian McGue! This time Brian gives us an idea on how to possibly avoid surgical extraction of upper molars using what he calls "the two handed extraction technique."

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Have you ever noticed that you tend to migrate toward specific instruments when you work with composite? I'll shoot straight with you...I have a tray full of really cool Cosmedent composite instruments, but I tend to use the Posterior Occlusal Contouring Instrument (small) and the Multi-use Composite Instrument in the posterior. And don't even talk to me unless you hand me the IPCL instrument in the anterior. But the good news is that Cosmedent makes all shapes and sizes and they're all titanium coated and non-stick! Find your favorite at

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Do your patients have worn teeth? (OK. Yes. Dumb question.) Do you feel confident diagnosing and treating a worn dentition? (Tougher question, right?) Spear Education offers the most comprehensive and authoritative strategies for diagnosing and treating worn teeth. The seminar "Treating the Worn Dentition" is coming up on November 29th-30th at the Spear Center in Scottsdale, AZ. Don't miss your chance to see this amazing course at a solid (and rare) discounted price! Taught by Dr. Frank Spear, Dr. Gregg Kinzer and Dr. Jeff Rouse, it's a powerhouse seminar that is not to be missed! Go check it out at

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