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Jason "Jlips" Lipscomb is back this week as promised and he knows things about the internet that you don't.

We start off by talking about concerts and discover that Jason and Kevin have tasteful broad ranges of musical interests that are compelling and rich.   Meanwhile, Zach is excited about his hair band concert and reminisces about a Kid Rock/Tenacious D concert from the early part of the century.

If you are a Spear Online education member, Jason has his courses up now!

On to the not-so-clinical topic of the week - Jason is back to talk about your website - highlights include:

  • Do you have to be on Word Press?
  • How do you choose a theme?
  • Who's your ideal customer?
  • What do you own?  Super important.
  • Can you update it yourself?  Is that important?
  • NextDoor app
  • How important is your website vs socials and ancillary apps?
  • Take pictures, do stuff!   Video stuff.   Quantity can trump quality in some cases

Thanks for listening and if you aren't in the Clinical Hacks Facebook Page, why the heck not?  It's free!

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