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Dr. Tarun Agarwal isn't your typical dentist. In episode 11 of the DentalHacks podcast, you're going to hear why. The creator of  the 3D Dentists learning center, in Raleigh, North Carolina, tells the story of his beginnings and how he became a leading dental educator. Tarun is funny and easy to listen to as he tells some amazing stories of how he got to be the clinician and teacher that he is today.

The DentalHacks Brain Trust discussion for episode 11 was inspired by a listener's question. We all have our typical daily routines, but since we live in our own little bubble, the listener wondered what everyone else was doing. This premise sparked the best BrainTrust discussion so far! You'll hear Jason and Alan hilariously delve into the topic with Brain Trust regulars Dr. Tammy Bailey, Dr. Dawn Kulongowski and Dr. Frank Clayton. Do not miss this!

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Has your office suffered from poor online reviews? The internet has allowed everyone to have their say about any business. Great reviews let the world know that your office is the one they should choose, but what about the bad ones? Many sites allow the reviewer to be anonymous, so what is a dentist to do?

Dr. Doug Wolff returns in part two of the DentalHacks interview to discuss exactly this. What are the legal ramifications of poor reviews? Can you do anything about them? Dr. Frank Clayton sits in with Jason and Alan for an interesting talk.

Then, you can join the DentalHacks Brain Trust to discuss what they do when a patient won't let you lean the chair back, informed consents for all kinds of procedures (even dentures!) and how to help patients when they've had recent dental work done that's not very good.

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In episode 9 of the DentalHacks podcast we lawyer up! We begin an interview with Dr. Doug Wolff who is a dentist in Minnesota's Twin Cities as well as an attorney! Doug shares a little bit about his educational and business journey and answers some frequently asked questions about dentistry and its legal implications. How well does that consent for you use hold up? What are the most common malpractice lawsuits? Doug answers these questions and more in an interesting interview.

This week’s Brain Trust segment features Dr. Tammy Bailey of Wausau, WI, Dr. Dawn Kulongowski of Holly, MI and Dr. Matt Standridge of Eureka, KS. The Brain Trust tackles the tricky subject of how to handle a new patient's dental work that appears to have been done poorly. The Brain Trust sorts through how to help your patient as well as the pitfalls of "dental tourism" and taking the patient at their word. This is a Brain Trust panel not to be missed! 

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In episode 8 of the DentalHacks podcast we continue our interview with Rich Rosenblatt. Rich talks a bit about the learning curve with CEREC and how much quicker it’s become with the new Omnicam. Then Rich talks about the interesting path he took in becoming a featured speaker.

This week’s Brain Trust segment featuers Dr. Brent Young of Shelby, NC, Dr. Frank Clayton of Suwanne, GA, Dr. Tammy Bailey of Wausau, WI and Dr. Matt Standridge of Eureka, KS. The Brain Trust delves into the treating of the high caries patient as well as how to not take things personally when patients choose to put off or never complete treatment. They ask the question “why do my patients take the specialist’s word and not necessarily mine?” Funniest Brain Trust segment yet? We think, "yes!"

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