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World renowned author, lecturer, and innovator Dr. Ray Bertolotti joins the show this week.

Dr. Raymond Bertolotti is perhaps best known for introducing "total etch"  to North America in 1984. He has been credited with coining the phrase "adhesion dentistry" in 1985.  Dr. Bertolotti first used "Adhesion Dentistry" when he retitled his "Cosmetic Dentistry" seminar, reflecting the true nature of what he was using to achieve aesthetic results with minimal invasion.
In America, Dr. Bertolotti  also introduced Caries Detector in 1984, Panavia in 1985,  cantilevered PFM adhesion bridges in 1986, intraoral tin plating in 1989, self-etching primers in 1992,  HealOzone in 2004, and all-ceramic zirconia adhesion bridges in 2017.  The sectional Contact Matrix system, "Microprime B",  Accolade PV,       "Microetcher" sandblasting,  and intraoral tin-plating are also his innovations. His materials and techniques continue to reflect a compilation of international knowledge which has been evolved into a "how to do it" seminar of international reputation.

He maintains both his website and has seminars on Ruiz Dental Seminars

Today we talk about polymerization shrinkage and the Class II restoration and how Bulk EZ is a game changing product for gap free restorations.

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