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Alan is joined by Kate Reinert who is a dental assistant who now works with Zirc Dental Products as a clinical efficiency consultant. We had a wide ranging conversation where we talked about implementing new procedures (from the standpoint of the team) as well as helping find and fix "pain points" in clinical systems. Zirc Dental Products is a company that basically helps offices understand how much better things can be in the dental office!

Some topics we covered:

  • implementing new procedures
  • finding pain points
  • the history of "processing dental instruments"
  • Central Sterilization as the "heart of the dental office"
  • "Instrument creep" and how cassettes can fix it
  • Say no to cabinets and lean operatories
  • Get Zirc involved DURING the design process
  • Getting rid of the "hit by the bus" notebook and reducing training time
  • The advantages of resin

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"One of the key attributes of an invisible DSO is the doctor is still an owner and therefore continues to lead the practice as an owner. He's making all of the crucial decisions...not the DSO."

Chip Fichtner, Large Practice Sales

Alan is joined again by Chip Fichtner of Large Practice Sales to talk about an interesting practice model called "Invisible Dental Support Organization." 

We drill down on the concept and how it differs from a more traditional group/multiple practice as well as a traditional DSO. 

Does an invisible DSO sound like something that would be a good fit for you? Get in touch with Chip at Large Practice Sales!

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The old model of practice sales went something like this. A doctor decides he wants to sell his practice. Someone helps him determine a sale price and it usually ends up somewhere between 60-80% of collections depending on your geographic area and the type of practice.

A dentist with a large practice will struggle to sell their practice to another dentist using this model for lots of reasons. But large practices are selling all over the country. What am I missing?

Chip Fichtner of Large Practice Sales joins me to talk about this interesting development. Chip explains the developments in the buying and selling of these practices and how younger dentists have new and interesting options to grow their existing large practices!


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