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Who better to ring in the New Year than the DentalHacks Brain Trust! Episode 29 features some Brain Trust all stars talking all about "year end stuff" in a dental office. How does everyone else do holiday parties and gifts? How does everyone else handle last minute stragglers that want to use their benefits before the end of the year? What kids of goals does everyone have for 2015? It's all here.

And it's all hilarious!

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In this special episode of the DentalHacks podcast, we're doing something completely different.

First, the DentalHacks are giving you their digits. There's a new way to reach the voicemail! If you have a question or comment or just want to say hello, you can reach us at a a new toll free number:

[shadowbox](866) 223-5257[/shadowbox]

Leave us a message and we may feature you on an upcoming episode!

In today's episode, co-host Alan Mead walks you through some of the new stuff he's tried in 2014. He's kind of like a raccoon...attracted to shiny objects and all things new and weird. So you can feel free to let him buy untested dental gear and report back.

[shadowbox]In the first ever installment of the DentalHacks gear reviews he covers 4 interesting items:[/shadowbox]

Vista Dental's Therma-flo Composite Applicator:


Onpharma's Onset Anesthetic Buffering System:


Lumadent LED Headlight:

video by listener Mark Frias RDH!

Note: Lumadent now has a metal housing for their batteries...they no longer mount using a leather case as shown in the video


A-DAPT composite instruments from Ronvig (available from Clinician's Choice)




photo courtesy of Ronvig's website

[shadowbox]As a bonus, here's a couple items Alan's planning on trying out and reviewing in 2015![/shadowbox]

The Brasseler ESX endodontic system


The Uveneer composite veneer system:


So, what did you think about the 2014 gear review? Loved it? Hated it? Let us know! Email us at, share on Facebook at or call us at (866) 223-5257!

Thanks for listening!

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In episode 28 the DentalHacks talk with Dr. Barry Glassman. Dr. Glassman is a dentist and educator who gave up general practice to focus on treating patients with craniofacial pain and sleep disorders. In this amazing interview, we ask Barry what would be different if he were in charge of the dental world. The resulting conversation is brilliant and quite funny. Barry pulls no punches as he takes the whole dental world apart piece by piece!

The Brain Trust takes on analogies that we use to explain complex ideas to patients. Or at least that's where we start. From there we come off the rails in perhaps the most profane yet hilarious Brain Trust segment yet! Have you reached the "sweat pants phase of your career?"

If you have any questions or comments for us please drop us an email at or find us (and like us!) at And Happy Holidays from all of us on the DentalHacks podcast to all of you!

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This episode continues our interview of two current 4th year dental students. The discussion revolves around what it's like being a dental student in 2014. The episode will feel nostalgic for the grizzled veteran listeners but would be a GREAT listen for college students considering dental school!

The Brain Trust picks up where we left off in episode 26. New dentists Dr. Scott KollenDr. Josh Carpenter, Dr. David Scardella (, Dr. Will ParrellDr. Dennis Frazee ( and Dr. Rich Weber ( discuss dental school debt, Monopoly money and professional regrets (no one seems to have any!) You'll hear what these new dentists feel are the best CE values for recent graduates and how some of them are paying for it! Finally we talk about where these new dentists see themselves in 10 years.

There's a lot of good information here for new dentists and veterans alike!

Some links mentioned on the show:

The Prism Podcast

The Passionate Dentist Podcast

The Relentless Dentist Podcast

The Thriving Dentist Show

Howard Speaks Podcast (Howard Farran of DentalTown)

 Questions or comments? Leave us an email at or comment on Facebook at

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We've talked about dental school and being a new dentist a bunch of times. We've offered advice about what we might do differently as a student and new dentist. Now...we hear from some dental students and new dentists!

This episode features two senior dental students, Caitlynn Haas of the University of Michigan School of Dentistry and David Jacobs of the University of Detroit Mercy School of Dentistry. They talk about what brought them to dentistry, their education and their debt in the first installment of this interview.

This week's Brain Trust features six "new dentists" that have graduated within the last three years. You'll hear from DentalHacks listeners and new dentists Dr. Scott Kollen, Dr. Josh Carpenter, Dr. David Scardella, Dr. Will Parrell, Dr. Dennis Frazee and Dr. Rich Weber. In our first installment of this "new dentist extravaganza" each of these dentists shares a bit about the journey they've taken since finishing dental school and how things are looking for a new dentist.

So join us for this listener driven episode of the DentalHacks!

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Dr. Mike Melkers returns in today’s episode to talk about an eclectic variety of topics! First, we finish our discussion of innovations in materials science and how the more things change, the more things stay the same. Then we move into a discussion about “soft skills.” Mike teaches a lot of patient communication techniques that are second to none! He boils down a topic that seems complex into some very simple and useable tips. Finally, he discusses some clinical research on different isolation techniques (aka: the Isolite vs. rubber dam smackdown).

The Brain Trust continues it’s discussion of continuing education. Dr. Tarun Agarwal describes using shorter courses (for instance, at state dental meetings) as CE speed dating. They discuss treatment planning, endo, surgery, online resources as well as inexpensive CE options. Finally, they discuss DentalTown as the ultimate search engine for continuing education as well as a source of solid and inexpensive CE. If you want to hear about CE...this is your episode!

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