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Al is joined by Dr. Craig Harder, Dr. Kevin Donlin and Dr. Colin Lathrop for an early morning recording on the first day of Voices of Dentistry! The guys talk about the nuts and bolts of VoD and why it's like no other meeting! Some of the the topics:

  • The VoD tradition of speakers being unprepared.
  • Al's glorious signs
  • Was COVID around for VoD 2020?
  • How has COVID affected our offices?
  • Masks are great for anterior temporaries
  • Essix retainers suck
  • Al's Mussolini suite
  • The internet code for VoD was hh2021
  • Al's 2017 DS World talk (8am in Vegas, on addiction)
  • Knowing Papa Randy

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Jason and Alan recorded a live "reunion episode" of the Dental Hacks podcast at Voices of Dentistry 2022! If you didn't have the pleasure of seeing it LIVE, here it is in audio form! The guys did their thing for the audience and invited the other two VoD hosts, Dr. Mark Costes and Dr. Justin Moody up to answer "Ask Us Anything" questions! A good time was had by all! 

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The Voices of Dentistry brought Kevin and Zach together in person and THEY GOT IT DONE! 

The plan was to talk with LOTS of different clinicans and get their answers to a standardized group of questions. It's brilliant and funny and you're going to LOVE what they have in store for you over the next few months! 

Today they give you the questions and give you their very own answers! 

The questions:

  • How did COVID affect your practice?
  • You have to have a crown on #2...what material do you choose?
  • Did you/would you place sealant on your own children?
  • Your significant other needs ortho...wires/brackets or aligners?
  • If your own #29 needed endo/core and crown/crown lengthening, would you do it or go right to an implant?
  • If your significant other had a slight diastema between 8 and 9 would you suggest ortho, resin or porcelain?

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Al is joined by Irene Iancu, aka: Toothlife.Irene at Republic Ramen in Tempe, AZ! They both arrived on the Thursday before VoD and Al shared some of the bizarre food rituals that he's developed over the years. Spoiler: there is slurping involved!

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How do you bring a country's dental continuing education system into the 21st century? The answer will probably surprise you! Alan is joined by Dr. Artie Volker, Dr. Abdelrahman Ahmed Tawfik and Dr. Ahmed Mossad to discuss how dentistry and dental education has changed in Egypt for the better!

  • how social media changed dentistry in Egypt
  • creating a rock star clinical educator (you NEED to follow Abdelrahman Ahmed Tawfik on Facebook!)
  • "Build your own country inside your office"
  • Steal what you like from social media
  • Microscopes and documentation for social media and education
  • "Show me what didn't work."
  • Why buy a Zumax scope?
  • What can a microscope do for you and your office?

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How does "last case bias" and clinical evidence affect the way we treat our patients? 

Kevin and Zach bring back Dr. Kevin Donlin to discuss an interesting and philosophical topic that influences us all.

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Very Dental people...take a listen to another podcast that I do with Dr. Dawn Kulongowski, "The Peaceful Practice Podcast!"

On the eve of Alan's 20th year of sobriety, Dawn and Alan have a conversation about what this milestone means, what it has been like to get here and how to examine our own habits with drugs and alcohol.  

To contact Dawn and Alan:

Email us

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Do you "warranty" your work? How do you handle it when a restoration you've provided doesn't last as long as you would have expected? Alan is joined by Jared Parente who is the CEO of a company called Dental Warranty. They are the platinum sponsor of the upcoming Voices of Dentistry meeting and they offer a product that dental offices will find intriguing! 

  • What is Dental Warranty? 
  • How does it work?
  • Most dentists/patients take a warranty as "implicit." Why make it "explicit?"
  • How do you know if a dentist's work is solid enough to be warrantied? Do the dentists do some kind of accreditation?
  • How much does it cost? Who pays for it?
  • How do claims work? 
  • Do you have clinical evaluators?
  • What are the ethics of warranty? Can "biology" be warrantied?

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Kevin and Zach are joined by Dr. Kevin Donlin who practices in Madison, SD! They tackle a topic that's not particularly popular on Instagram and Facebook groups...amalgam!

Amalgam is a material that many folks brag about using but the Very Clinical crew explains why some dentists refuse to toss this tool that's still very valuable in certain situations!

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Al answers a listener email about how to talk to patients about deep decay. 

  • It's OK to hate delivering bad news
  • Patients NEED to know about their condition
  • There are a lot of options for treating deep decay
  • Clear communication and documentation is KEY!

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Al had the pleasure of speaking with Dr. Erin Elliott at the Greater New York dental meeting! It will come as no surprise to anyone that this wide ranging conversation was a blast!

  • Al had veneers. Probably about 30 years ago. Who knew?
  • What % of people have crowding vs. excess of space? Why?
  • Are people more allergic now than they used to be? (spoiler: roll your kids in dirt)
  • Who's got team drama?
  • Erin grew up in CA but considers herself an Idahoan!
  • Detroit Metro airport is the best airport. Al will fight you if you disagree.
  • Erin stays away from home for a long time. And gets to write it off.
  • Erin on emergency dentistry (she's got this figured out)
  • Medical people GNF. Erin on giving patients money back.
  • "Painless" dentistry is BS. Be direct with patients about their needs.
  • Erin on implants! (spoiler: She's a fan of 3D Dentists AND Implant Pathway!)
  • In person teaching >>> Zoom teaching
  • If you go to meetings (ahem...VoD) then support the vendors!
  • Erin is coming to Voices of Dentistry! There is NO SUBSTITUTE for dental meetings!
  • Eliminating excuses about photography by having SD card readers in each room!

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Kevin and Zach ring in the new year with returning guest, Alan Mead! 

First, they talk about new year's resolutions.

Next the guys talk about things that they were grateful for in 2021. It's a pretty important thing to focus on...especially when there's a lot that's out of our control. 

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Al rings in the new year with a conversation about his personal failings in treatment planning.

How often do you fail to offer the "best" option to a patient because you think you know that they won't accept? It's a problem Al has faced over 23+ years of dental practice and he's trying to turn over a new leaf. 

Also...there's a bit of talk about why there are no ads on today's show and the future of the podcast. 

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