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To celebrate the 40th episode of the DentalHacks podcast we feature an interview with the incomparable Dr. David Hornbrook! Dr. Hornbrook is a founder of the Las Vegas Institute, PAC-live and the Hornbrook Group. He's a wet fingered dentist and influential dental educator who has mentored thousands of dentists in his career.

Also, he answers email. Which seems like a silly thing to mention except that his approachable manner makes him one of the most popular dental educators today! HornbrookHeadshot

Most recently David has begun working with Keating Dental Arts as the Director of Clinical Education and Technology and we discussed some of the new educational offerings that David will be involved with at Keating. From there, we talked about communicating with the lab and the inevitable conflict that happens between lab technicians and dentists. Is it the lab tech's place to tell you that your impression sucks? Do you want to hear it? From there we moved into discussing digital impressions and where dental technology is heading.

We finish up our 3 part Brain Trust series recorded live in Chicago in Dawn Kulongowski's hotel room (if you must know). We finish up our discussion with how to get paid. Tarun discusses his implementation of in house financing and wonders why you haven't taken advantage of this amazing option in your office! (For more details, enjoy our DentalHacks special on in house financing here!) So don't miss Dr. Rich Rosenblatt, Dr. Tarun Agarwal, Dr. Tammy Bailey and Dr. Linc Harris as they weigh in!

Some links from today's show:

Dr. Hornbrook's recent cementation guides from Keating Dental Arts

anterior adhesive cementation guide

posterior adhesive cementation guide

posterior non-adhesive cementation guide

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