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You're a general dentist that sees kids, but you know you could do more and better. Continuing education in pediatrics seems pretty limited but you'd love to really improve this part of your practice. Enter Dr. Josh Wren, pediatric dentist and this week's DentalHacks interview! We get right into listener questions in this might want to listen with a note pad. Josh deli
vers a bunch of actionable items from the first minute! Josh offers hands on pediatric dental CE, too! Check that out at: FYI...the DentalHacks are kicking around the idea of October 30th in Disneyworld! A little pediatric dentistry CE and then trick or treating with the mouse!

Our Brain Trust segment continues our conversation about general dentists doing "specialty procedures." The panel include Dr. Matt Standridge, Dr. Tammy Bailey, Dr. Melissa Zettler and Dr. Frank Clayton. As always, they cut through the bull and explain that general dentists working with specialists is going to give the best results, every time. Let's knock off the turf battles and do some dentistry!

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Some links from episode 47:

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