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Everyone knows that their practice management software is full of data about their practice. Some would argue that getting at that data is kind of tough and a lot of dentists probably wouldn't know what to do with that data if they could get it. Dr. Mitch Ellingson works with Spear Practice Solutions. He joined Alan to talk about how Spear Practice Solutions uses all this data yet makes it easy for dentists to implement it. Dr. Ellingson was a wildly successful Spear trained multiple practice owner who admits to being a numbers guy. He talks with Alan about how to implement the things you can learn through Spear and how Spear Practice Solutions (the consulting side of Spear) can help dentists create better practices while doing the dentistry that they want to do.

On a side note...I only realized that Mitch was a dentist halfway through our conversation. I hope you enjoy me eating crow once I realize this.

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Spear Education

Spear Practice Solutions

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