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Welcome to season 1, episode 15 of the Clinical Hacks Podcast

This week we gave Mac Jones the week off to build a patio table and instead we talk about sealants.

Zach Meiners, Kevin Fryer, and Alan Mead have one thing in common, we all pretty much dislike sealants!    What?  Aren't they preventing decay?     Enjoy what's likely an unpopular take on sealants.

Highlights include:

- Do sealants prevent decay?

- Can sealants "cause" decay?

- What conditions should be met for sealants to be effective?

- Is adding sealants into your hygiene program a revenue booster?

- When did 3 experienced clinicians turn sour on sealants?

- How does a microscope user view the sealant restoration?

- Is the medium quality sealant the worst restoration?

- Glass Ionomer sealants, do they have a place?   Fuji Triage


Mac Jones word count:  0

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