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Dr. David Rice joined Alan for a rousing conversation that took place above the exhibit floor at the recent Greater New York Dental Meeting! David is the creator/founder of IgniteDDS and was recently placed as the editor in chief of DentistryIQ! Their conversation went all over the place and here are some of the highlights:

  • Where did IgniteDDS come from?
  • Dental school and student debt: then vs. now
  • What are new dentists doing after dental school nowadays?
  • What options does a dental degree give you? (spoiler: it's not just private practice!)
  • Dentists as writers
  • Dental speaking isn't as glamorous as you might think
  • Connecting with an audience is the best and worst part about speaking
  • Presenting "naked" and perfectionism
  • Becoming an owner in 2021
  • Practice transitions: work with the people who know how!
  • Do startups take a special kind of person? (spoiler: yes)
  • Buy or startup?
  • How do you find out what you like to do/you're good at?
  • DON'T COWBOY UP! aka: know your limitations

Some links from the show:

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