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The local pack. The 7 little balloons that show up on that Google Map when someone is looking for a dentist in your town. If you show up there, you're going to drive new patients to your practice. Period. Darren Shaw of Whitespark, a company that helps you improve your local search visibility, answers all kinds of questions in today's interview including:

  • What's the difference between organic search and local search?
  • What is a citation and why should we care?
  • What's the difference between a direct and indirect citation?
  • If you're doing a startup, at what point should you create/claim your local listings?
  • How should you handle local listings if you have multiple dentists in group?
  • How do you handle a local listing if you've changed jobs or moved your office?
  • Do citations have to be perfectly consistent? What kind of variations are O.K.?

On top of this, Darren talks about the importance of blogging. Which makes this blogger very happy.

Plus...if you use the code "dentalhacks15" you'll get a discounted rate on Whitespark products!

The Brain Trust (Dr. Matt Standridge, Dr. Frank Clayton, Dr. Tammy Bailey, Dr. Brent Young and Dr. Rich Rosenblatt) continue their discussion of how to handle "the unreasonables." Some things you'll hear in this episode:

  • Rich Rosenblatt hates bullies
  • Who do you need to contact at Delta to get an onlay covered?
  • How is the Waffle House different than Stuckey's?
  • Can truck stop dentistry be a legitimate business model?

The Brain Trust helped earn this episode it's first "explicit" warning. We editing out the cussing, but there was a fair amount of humor that was great but pretty blue. You've been warned!

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