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Dr. Paul Homoly is a legend in dental communication. Alan was joined by Paul at The Voices of Dentistry for a podcast about evolutions. Whether it's how Paul's speaking business has evolved through the COVID era or how dental teams can evolve the way they practice dentistry by investing in themselves and the way they communicate with their patients, Paul will have you spellbound! 

  • How Paul's business changed during COVID (also his golf game)
  • The red carpet experience (and who gets it)
  • Dental folklore (some people just have a s****y truck!)
  • Should complex care patients come into the practice through hygiene?
  • When does readiness happen?
  • Patients can sense when a dentist NEEDS them to do the work. And they can sense when the dentist doesn't care if they do the treatment.
  • Leadership isn't just for teams. It's for patients, too.

Some links from the show:

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