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Al is joined by Dr. Craig Harder, Dr. Kevin Donlin and Dr. Colin Lathrop for an early morning recording on the first day of Voices of Dentistry! The guys talk about the nuts and bolts of VoD and why it's like no other meeting! Some of the the topics:

  • The VoD tradition of speakers being unprepared.
  • Al's glorious signs
  • Was COVID around for VoD 2020?
  • How has COVID affected our offices?
  • Masks are great for anterior temporaries
  • Essix retainers suck
  • Al's Mussolini suite
  • The internet code for VoD was hh2021
  • Al's 2017 DS World talk (8am in Vegas, on addiction)
  • Knowing Papa Randy

Go check out the Very Dental Facebook group! (Use password Timmerman or Hornbrook to get in!)

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