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Al is joined by Dr. Zach Meiners to talk about a bunch of tips to help reduce your office overhead! Zach is one of the managers of the Clinical Hacks Facebook group, and one of the co-hosts of the Clinical Hacks Podcast which you should listen to every single time it's released! Here's a few of the things Zach recommends that are just like what you're using, but a lot less $$$!

Zach is the man. Saving us money all while being incredibly good looking. He's a treasure. Hit him up in the Clinical Hacks Facebook group!

It’s a weird fact of being a dentist...some patients don’t think they can come to the dentist without having some kind of insurance or benefits.  Instead of lamenting this fact, why not lean into it? Why not give them benefits? That’s where our friends at Boomcloud come in. BoomCloud has been helping people create and run membership plans in their offices since 2013. You need to check out Boomcloud for yourself. Jordan and our friends have put together the “Ultimate starter guide” for membership plans at

Microcopy Dental has always been the place to get the most amazing single patient use burs anywhere. But have you ever wondered why a person would want to go the "single patient use" route? Microcopy is offering 2 hours of free CE about this very issue at! You'll see why dental burs should be single patient use for lots of reasons and you can pick up 2 CE's on infection control as well! Go check it out at!



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