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Al sat down with Dr. Jeff Rouse during a recent trip to Scottsdale! Jeff was teaching "Airway Prosthodontics" concurrently with the course that Al was taking and they had a chance to catch up an all things airway!

  • Jeff's first job might surprise you!
  • How COVID (temporarily) killed in person CE and what the folks at Spear learned from it
  • How Frank Spear changed Airway Prosthodontics for Jeff
  • Why the best airway team members have a personal connection to airway problems
  • "Airway Aware" and "Airway Directed"
  • When a grinding appliance is actually an airway appliance?
  • Are airway problems a modern phenomenon?
  • Who are the best people in the world according to Al?

Some links from the show:

Airway Prosthodontics

Spear Online

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