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Al is joined by his best friend from dental school, Dr. Bart Schultz. Their main conversation focuses on getting the most out of continuing education. Their wide ranging conversation covered a LOT of topics:

  • Why you should be doing more consults? What does a consult do for you?
  • Getting reps
  • Why "my practice isn't like that..." is a cop out
  • The "surgically comfortable" mindset (some people are just plain less scared to try new stuff)
  • Getting reps and keeping reps up
  • Learning that you DON'T want to something is still useful information
  • Note co-op from dental school
  • 16 finals in 2 days and mixing zinc phosphate
  • Context and why dental school doesn't work
  • Dentists and interpersonal skills
  • How to take away the right stuff from CE
  • CE as an investment...take CE early = get more from your investment

Some links from the show:

Spear Education

Spear Practice Solutions

Dental Online Training

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