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Alan is joined by three amazing guests to discuss hiring and how COVID has changed everything when it comes to being an employer! 

The guests:

  • Dr. Matt Standridge is a clinician, educator and podcaster who’s been on the podcast a whole bunch of times and has had some pretty serious hiring and staffing issues over the last year!
  • Sandy Pardue is the founder of Classic Practice Resources. She’s an absolute wizard with office systems and should be the first person you think of for consulting and team training. Sandy is also a podcaster and has been on the show a bunch of times, too!
  • Paul Edwards is the founder of CEDR Solutions. You need employee handbooks and CEDR Solutions is who you should get them from. Also...CEDR Solutions is basically an all in one HR solution for dental offices. 

The conversation:

  • Matt turned over almost his ENTIRE TEAM in the last year! (Oof)
  • Are people "getting paid to stay home?"
  • The hiring situation was getting tough before COVID!
  • Child care, home schooling and family situations have really affected dental hiring
  • How has politics affected people and their work situation?
  • State by state unemployment changes
  • This hiring situation is unprecedented!
  • Work on your hiring skills and culture!
  • Don't poach, but always be receptive
  • Sign on bonuses?
  • Generational differences in hiring moving forward
  • Sandy presented at a meeting! It's weird, but it's happening!
  • Voices of Dentistry coming January 21-22, 2022!
  • Last words from Paul: work on your hiring skills
  • Last words from Sandy: hire fast, fire fast
  • Last words from Matt: record a "video explanation" for positions that you're hiring for to screen potential candidates!

Links from the show:

Classic Practice Resources

CEDR Solutions

The Very Dental Facebook group (password: Timmerman)

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