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The Very Clinical Podcast welcomes Dr. Ash Mark of All Things Dentistry fame is back with us to discuss all things Canadian, all things endo, and all sorts of other things.

We kick off by discussing our favorite Canadian acting legends.

Then into a rousing discussion about MB2 and cone beam for endo.

If you’re on Dentaltown Ash recommends Hank’s Guide to the MB2 as a definitive topic thread on MB2.

Ash has 4 different videos on all aspects of MB2, all shot through a scope.  Kind of a visual expansion of that thread.

Kevin enjoys watching MB2 videos on Christmas morning while his wife is in the shower.  Let that sink in for a moment.  #nerdalert

There’s European endodontist named John Rhodes - do a youtube search for him, he also produces some great content on endo and specifically MB2.

Ash starts getting into anesthetic chemistry - our minds are blown.  Get out your OrGo chem book, or don’t.  You do you.

Ash gives a pro tip for PDL anesthesia - 30 gauge super short needles.

Thanks for listening.  Ash is in the Very Clinical Facebook Page and you should be as well!

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